Chasseur Mini Cooking Pot Red
Chasseur Mini Cooking Pot Red

Chasseur Mini Cooking Pot Red

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For long, slow cooking with unprecedented style, it's hard to go past the French finesse of Chasseur's enamelled cast-iron cookware. French Oven will create prime conditions for your Individual serving Pots Perfect for soups, stews and casseroles and deserts.

Constructed from heavy cast iron and thickly enamelled, the heating qualities of Chasseur French Ovens allow you to maintain remarkably even temperatures whether simmering on the stove or braising in the oven.

Chasseur Mini French Ovens are ideal for a wide array of applications, deglaze and clean easily, and feature heavy cast iron lids with stay-cool phenolic handles that are oven safe to 220°C.

  • Each piece of Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware is Unique - every piece is hand cast in individual sand moulds which are destroyed after each use.

12cm x 10cm x 15cm