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New & exciting finds added to The OLDE Farm Store Regularly. Be sure to check online to see what NEW & OLDE Unique items have arrived each week ! 

This is a Collection of OLDE & NEW Farmhouse Style Pieces with the focus being on Natural tones, OLDE Farm Store Favorites and a Selective Pick of Traditional OLDE Pieces such as Cow Bells, Wooden Wagon Wheels, Milk cans, Vintage Enamelware, OLDE Buckets & scales, styled with NEW Fresh Linen, Tea Towels & Aprons & Variety of unique MUST HAVE Farmhouse Inspired Decor !

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My Garage Sign
L: 30cm x H: 10cm
Blue Prairie...
Blue Daisy Bag
Blue Tile To...
L: 28cm x H: 21cm
Double Bottl...
Great Gift Idea. Can fit 2 bottles of wine, has a partition in the middle....
XL Denim Blu...
65cm x 35cm
XL Large Can...
Perfect size to fit your towels and summer essentials  65cm x 35cm 
Large Laundr...
The Laundry ...
25cm x 12cm
Dairy Canist...
Distressed S...
Mini Orb Ripple Corrugated Iron Look 40cm x 30cm 
Vintage Meat...
In store collection  Freight can be arranged 
Tin Vintage ...
Mini Orb Corrugated Iron 30cm x 40cm 
Beer Fridge ...
L: 30.5cm x H: 13cm
Pair of Chic...
New with a Distressed Finish
XL Vintage M...
Distressed Finish
Set of 6 NEW...
In Store Collection ONLY
Genuine Dair...
NEW but a Rustic LOOK L: 40cm x H: 30cm
XL Handmade ...
I adore this Tin as someone out there has made this Tin with so much...
Timber Chris...
JOY Rustic C...
Filled with a Recycled filling
Bathroom Sign
L: 18cm x H: 7cm
Laundry Sign
L: 18cm x H: 7cm
Toilet Sign
L: 18cm x H: 7cm